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The Talent Show

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Meet the Author and Illustrator



Comprehension Check




Hale Telescope - From Wikipedia Keck Telescopes - From Wikipedia
Keck Observatory
From Galileo to Hubble - Why a Telescope in Space? - This is a great site for your students to explore. It has information and also activities to engage students. Hubble Space Telescope - From Amazing Space - Click here for Virtual Hubble
How the Hubble Space Telescope Works  From How Stuff Works Hubble Telescope Tour - From the Exploratorium
Telescopes in Space  
Stars and Constellations
Stars - Excellent site.....Click on the speaker in the top-right corner for narration!  The Stars - From Enchanted Learning - Star Activities - Constellations
All Star Line Up - How to Build a Star A Peek into the Live of Stars
Connect the Stars - Online game Star Theme Page - Hotlist
Stars, Constellations, Galaxies,
and Nebulae Facts
Constellations - Diagrams and information
Among the Stars - Information on constellations, etc. Be a Star-Gazer - From PBS
Stargazers - Identify the constellations!
Stars are Born - From a ThinkQuest site Star Journey - From National Geographic
Stars: An Introduction - From NASA Constellation Guide - Images and information
Make Your Own Star Clock - Activity Myths about the Stars and Constellations



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