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The Stories Julian Tells

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Kite Connection
Newspaper Kite - Learn how to make a kite using newspaper, scissors, and scotch tape. Kites in the Classroom - This site contains curricular connections, books, and Internet resources. Don't miss how to facilitate a kite activity in your classroom.
The Virtual Kite Zoo Paper Kites - Lesson plan and activity
How Does a Kite Fly? - Have you ever wondered how a kite flies??? Find out here! Professor Kite and the Secret of Kites - Find some tricks for making a lazy kite fly!
Make Your Own Kite -Written directions... There's also videos to watch to see how it's done!!! Kites and Kite Flying - Learn about the history of kites and also tips on kite flying
Kite Index - From the Glenn Center at NASA.. Don't miss the Beginner's Guide to Kites All About Kites! - Just what the name implies
Kites for Kids Only - They are only kidding, it is for adults also! Come Fly a Kite - Unit plan
Go Fly a Kite - Find out here how a kite stays up in the air! Guide for Teachers - Suggestions about how kites can be used within the school. Student Guide is here. Worksheets, etc. here.
Kites in the Classroom - A 48-page guide Soar Into Spring with Kites - An Education World lesson planning article
Kites - My Hotlist!  
Bird Connection
All About Birds - Bird Printouts Birds - Click "Read it to me" for narration
Bird Study The Life of Birds - From PBS
Bird Cams - Observe birds here
Bird Feeder Cam
Dinner! It's for the Birds - All about bird feeders and feeding birds
Teaching Kids about Birds Bird Songs - Click on the bird pictures to hear the bird songs
Bird Word Search - Complete online To Feed or Not to Feed; That is the Question Online story with activities
Birds - Click on a bird's name to see a picture and to learn about it American Robin - Information and a link to a story and also a sound file of this bird
Birds for Kids - From the Smithsonian Zoo How Birds Fly
Friendship Connection
Friendship The Friendship Site - ThinkQuest
Friendship - WebQuest It's My Life: Friends - From PBS
Friendship Activities To Have a Friend, You Must Be a Friend WebQuest
Alfy's Picks for Friendship Alfy's Picks for We're Alike, We're Different
To Have a Friend - Online lesson plan That's What Friends are For - Online lesson
101 Things Friends Can Do Learning From Friends - Activity


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