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Nate the Great

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About the Author and Illustrator





Comprehension Check


Additional Resources

Golden Gate Bridge/Bridges Resources
Golden Gate Bridge - From PBS....Teacher's Guide is included Golden Gate Bridge - Live Web Cam
Scroll down a bit for the cam - Located on the left side of the screen. Cam II
Building Big Bridges - All about Bridges Bridges - Hotlist
Bridges - A PROMOTE Georgia Project  
Mysteries - Hotlist Mystery.net - Mysteries to solve, scary stories and magic tricks
A. Pintura: Art Detective - Great simulation!!! Help solve the case of
Grandpa's painting!
Mystery - 42Explore Theme Page
Kids Love a Mystery! - Everyone loves a good mystery -- especially kids. Because kids love a mystery, they are a favorite of teachers and an ideal way to teach
critical thinking, problem solving,
writing, and literature.
Reading: Deduction - Click the button under "Straight on to the activity" to begin. Then click Next! Your tricky task will be to discover the identify of a mystery thief (or thieves) and recover some missing property.....Good Luck!!!
The Case of the Stolen Pudding - A PROMOTE Georgia Project.....Interactive...Try to solve this case!! Mysteries - Thematic Unit......Good teacher resource
Related Book:
Earthquake in the Early Morning
by Mary Pope Osborne
("Jack and Annie travel back to the morning of the great San Francisco earthquake. While they are there, they meet a reporter and help get some kids to safety.")
Author Information Teacher's Guide for This Book!!! - For Earthquake in the Early Morning and Twister on Tuesday....
Earthquake in the Early Morning- Complete unit including online questions, vocabulary, printable questions, and much, much more!!! Online Chat about the Book - By students
The Virtual Museum of San Francisco - The Great 1906 Earthquake and Fire Life Along the FAULTLINE - From the Exploratorium....Don't miss the Activities!
ABCs of Earthquakes - Students' drawings and definitions of earthquake terms Earthquake 101 - Includes information, activities, glossary, myths and legends, etc.
Earthquakes for Kids - There's lots of resources on this Web site, made especially for kids! FEMA for Kids - This site teaches you how to prepare for disasters and how to prevent disaster damage. There's also a Teacher and Parent resource page.
Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker- A plate tectonics simulation Earthquakes - WebQuest
Rattle, Thunder, Clatter, Boom: Earthquake - WebQuest Earthquake Crossword Puzzle - Complete this puzzle online
ABAG Earthquake Maps and Information The Faultline Project
What's Shaking - Earthquake information Rolling Earth - Self-directed lesson




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